My trip was wonderful!
The hotel, the sight seeing trip, the city, and all other information was pretty spot on.
— Sean
All is fabulous!  Hotel selection was AWESOME.  Great work as always!
— Adam
The trip lived up to your name. It was Absolutely Amazing for me. I had never traveled to Europe before and had a wonderful experience and made some great new friends. I didn’t participate in the race other than watching, but it was an exciting event to witness. The tour was made even more pleasurable by our driver and tour guide Garey. It will remain a fond memory for me and I wouldn’t hesitate to return to Ireland again or go off on another adventure using your service.
— My sincere thanks, Dan
Every transfer every train ticket the flight everything worked out perfectly.
— Bruce
Great trip.  Well organized, great location for the hotel, overall good tours and nice country.  I really appreciate your company coordinating this travel for me.
— John
Everything went well. Flight and all were smooth. Weather cooperated. Once again many thanks and I hope to do Florence next year.

— Thanks and advance Happy Holidays, Anton
The trip was fabulous! Flights were very good! The hotel in Bangkok was ok: a very basic, no frills property. The resort in Phuket was awesome: very peaceful and quiet. It was very helpful to be picked up at the airports and for day tours and to have the services of a guide, as most people in Thailand do not seem to speak English.
— All the best, Jan
Our trip was marvelous. I especially appreciated having the opportunity to slightly rough it while spending time in the Amazon. The cooking classes proved to be enhancements to our adventurous trip. The hike challenged most of us but in the end our pain receded at the sight of Machu Picchu.
— Yvonne
We loved it!!  The race was fantastic and gorgeous.  We had perfect weather and I saw 2 koalas during the race.  (and took about 100 pictures-it was so pretty!)  We loved all the day trips especially the Echidna Walkabout on the last day.  The guide was great and we saw so many kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, emus and lots of other birds.  He took us places we couldn’t have found.  The penguin parade was wonderful and we appreciated having the special tour where we had a guide and got to sit in the front row to see the penguins march up the beach.  We really liked Apollo Bay and were talking to a local guy who told us where we might see a platypus and we did!! Saw him 2 different days. We showed him to an Australian couple and they were super excited and told us most Australians have never seen one!  Also liked Melbourne and the Hidden Secrets Tour was great, too.  We thought we were conveniently located to see the town and all the parks.  Spent a lot of time in the Royal Gardens.
— Mary